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The European Independent Film Festival

The European Independent Film Festival is one of the most important events of the year for filmmakers throughout the region. The annual festival focuses on independent films and is held in Paris. The chosen films particularly demonstrate innovation, high-quality production, and creativity, and there are 14 different categories to be won. Following each screening, there is a much-coveted opportunity to meet the directors.

The Categories

The prestigious awards are given to the Best European Independent Film, the Best European Independent Dramatic Feature, and the Best European Independent Animated Film. There are several other categories, some of which are open to non-European filmmakers. The most competitive is the highly anticipated Best Director award. The audience also has the chance to vote for their particular favourite.

Previous Winners

Previous winners include Bridge by the Earthern House which won Best Feature Script 2020. This is a dramatic and moving film that focuses on a man with early-onset dementia. Electric Litany - Sealight won Best Cinematography in 2020 and is actually only five minutes long. The film explores a female representation of death. No, I Don't Want to Dance won the Special Jury Mention of 2020 and is an animated stop-motion film. Despite being only two minutes long, it took over seven weeks to create.

For anybody who enjoys independent films, this festival is a must-visit. The inclusion of workshops and live music adds to the excitement of the awards themselves.